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Old Woolwich Power Station-23

Apart from the famous South London power stations such as Battersea and Bankside (now Tate Modern), lies the more underestimated Greenwich Power station which is still in use today as the only fossil fuel burning station, south of the river which powers the London Underground. The power station merges into the Canary Wharf skyline once you're on top of Greenwich park. The coal jetty is still intact but not used due to oil being delivered on road. 


The Greenwich Power Station is situated in Old Woolwich Road, which is off the A206 and if you stayed on it and travelled west, in about 4 miles you would hit a leisure centre called Waterfront which is next to the Woolwich Pier. The centre was the location of the old Woolwich Power Plant which was demolished in 1979.  While new apartments are being built on top of the location itself,  the old coal jetty remains, rotting in the Thames. 


The essay covers a fascinating look at the fate of both power stations. One being surrounded by famous London landmarks whilst the other is a skeleton decomposing by the river.